Examples of KPIs for Production


KPIs for production and manufacturing are about the supply chain and the production process. These KPIs let you know where you're efficient and where not yet, and give you a better view of your productivity and spending.

6 Examples of KPIs for production:

1- Production cycle:

This production KPI tells you how long it takes to make one product from start to finish. If you keep a close eye on this KPI you'll gain important insights into the efficiency of your production process.

2- Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE):

This KPI provides eCommerce companies with insight into the performance of their production equipment.

3- Overall labor effectiveness (OLE):

Just like with your equipment, the OLE KPI gives you insight into how productive the employees are who operate the machines.

4- Return:

return is a simple KPI. It's the amount of products that you have made. It may also be a good idea to keep an eye on the variance in returns, so that you can see how far you deviate from your average.

5- First time yield (FTY - first return) and first time through (FTT - first time good):

FTY, also called first pass yield (good in one go) tells you the waste ratio of your production process. To calculate FTY, divide the amount of approved products by the amount of products that you have made.

6- Amount of non-compliance or incidents:

The production process is subject to a number of guidelines and permits, and policies that a company must adhere to. These usually have to do with safety, working conditions and quality requirements. You want to keep this number as low as possible so that you continue to work within the applicable guidelines.

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