5 Important KPIs for Recruitment Agencies


How do you measure the performance of your desk? Employees who enjoy themselves or satisfied customers are nice, but it doesn't say everything about the condition of your organization. How can you measure this? Use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)!

Five Essential KPIs for Employment Agencies:

Listed below the most important KPIs you can use for your staffying business:

1- Customer satisfaction

No fewer than 62% of the respondents cited customer satisfaction as the most important KPI for the business. Understandable, because current customers are the reason for your existence as an organization. Moreover, they provide an important part of the future turnover. According to the report, agencies generate on average 57% of new sales with current customers. Satisfied customers are crucial to your business, now and in the future.

2- Candidate satisfaction

The number two most important KPI is candidate satisfaction: 51% of the respondents indicated that they were in the top 3. This result is also not surprising; candidate satisfaction and customer satisfaction are directly related. Dissatisfied candidates lead to dissatisfied customers. Moreover, the chance is quite small that you get a second chance to mediate them in other assignments. A good candidate experience is therefore of vital importance.

3- Fill ratio

The fill ratio comes in third place. By this we mean the number of placements in relation to the number of applications. 37% of the respondents have this KPI in their top 3. Most employment agencies are aware of the importance of the fill ratio, because it's one of the proofs of the efficiency of an agency.

A low fill ratio is a reason to measure more. Is something going wrong in the process? Are applications not converted into new contracts? Is it difficult to find candidates for a specific position? Does the team consist of enough people? These questions can help you improve your fill ratio.

4- Hit ratio

Another important KPI is the hit ratio. By this we mean the number of placements in relation to the number of proposed candidates. 36% of the respondents place this KPI in their top three. The hit ratio makes it possible to compare the performance of individual recruiters. Moreover, the hit ratio provides insight into the quality of the proposed candidates.

5- Number of placements

The number of placements is in their top three for 35% of the respondents. This KPI speaks for itself: the number of placements directly indicates how successful your desk is. Without placements a desk has no reason to exist. Monitoring the performance of teams and individual recruiters provides important insights. Who are the most successful, what do they do differently from others, what determines success and how can you improve as a team?

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