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What is Knowledge Management?

The term Knowledge Management can be summarized as the management of all the knowledge that a company has available, and the creation of unbreakable data. In the ideal case, each worker has the knowledge he needs at the right time for an optimal performance of his task.

Knowledge management is interesting for each type of company, but it's specially important for those companies that want to use a large number of flexible or temporary workers. By documenting well and making the knowledge of predecessors or experienced employees accessible, inexperienced employees learn how to proceed faster. Companies that regularly implement variable business processes face a similar situation. If a team or employee has developed a good working method or has found essential information about the new process, they should share it as efficiently as possible, because if not, each employee who completes a task has to look for the information again.

What software is used for knowledge management?

Knowledge management can be received " partially " through software. The knowledge to be managed is often stored within the document management system " through a knowledge base " or in the ERP system. These systems take care to keep well and facilitate the consultation of all the essential knowledge of the company.

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