Key Responsibilities


Workers who are new to a job have a certain commitment to the company. The employee must not only meet the requested requirements, it's also important that they have ethics, commitment, integrity and teamwork.

Employees key responsibilities

We list here some of the essential responsibilities required from employees:

1. Have knowledge of your workplace and your assigned tasks

Every employee has a duty to know their duties and assigned tasks, their superior must also ensure that the worker masters their skills so that they can perform their tasks properly. In case the employee doesn't master the assigned work, he has to seek guidance from his superior and colleagues.

2. Have a work plan

A work plan allows the employee to favorably organize his time so that he can meet the agreed deadline in the execution of his assignments.

3. Use available resources

It is very important to give proper use to the company's resources.

4. Participation

When it's participatory, it will help the workers to work in a group and in turn to the superiors to make their communications about the general objectives of the company and if this is satisfactory, the employees have the opportunity to take the initiative when presented a new task.

5. Be punctual and avoid absences

Punctuality and attendance are the main responsibilities of every employee, which means that being absent and late, generate problems for the company if the work isn't done or if its completion is delayed.

6. First of all, cleanliness

This cleaning isn't only about personal hygiene, it also refers to the cleanliness of the place where you work, keeping it clean increases work motivation.

7. Save materials

When employees avoid spending too much on raw materials, it generates savings for the company that will probably invest them in other sectors of the same.

8. Suggestions and critical thinking

The employee must be willing to transmit their suggestions or criticism in relation to any activity carried out in the company. When workers and superiors work together, the work is done efficiently and with good results.

Key responsibilities of employers

Good employers are generally prosperous and successful, despite this, it's known that to achieve a goal requires certain sacrifices. A good entrepreneur must take many responsibilities and risks when forming his company in relation to the rules, laws and employees. Next, the employer's job responsibilities will be mentioned.

The employer must include within its obligations a series of aspects where the company ensures that current standards are met and also all the tasks that must be carried out correctly. In the same way, prevent occupational risks and comply with social security.

  • It is the duty of determining the collective agreement of the application in the labor relations that exists between the worker and the company, in this way each one of the parties will know what their rights are in case of an unexpected conflict.
  • It is extremely important that the agreements found within the workers' statutes are respected, so that all labor rights such as rest, hygiene and safety are fulfilled.
  • It must also take responsibility with the treasury and the employees, in order to comply with law, which includes situations such as the affiliation and registration of employees in the social security regime, paying the contribution fee and comply with the corresponding measures in case of death, illness or maternity.
  • It is in the duty of providing a safe workplace in the event of any catastrophe,, since the safety of employees is within its competency. For this, it must plan action measures, maintain the structure properly, provide the necessary information to workers so that they know how to act in risky situations, among other things.

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