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The New Way to Work From Home

What Do You Need to Work From Home?

In order to be able working from home, the right facilities are essential. A well-adjusted desk and working PC are obvious here. But don't underestimate the importance of (digital) access to the required company data, so that you can work remotely with all the materials and data that are needed for this.

Every time all information on a USB stick is risky and not always possible (large files and software). Accessibility is also an important element, which is why good telecom and information technology is a must. In addition to a good (mobile) telephone, think of an internal chat system that allows colleagues to keep each other up to date and access them in a low-threshold way. Also make sure that the home workplace meets the legal requirements and health and safety regulations. This is to prevent you being held liable in case of personal injury.

Benefits of Working From Home

The advantages of working (partly) from home are:
- Own time division (morning, afternoon, evening, weekday or weekend work, as it comes)
- Trust your manager / colleagues (works motivating)
- No travel time (later your bed out)
- The coffee is tastier at home and the lunch is cheaper in many cases
- More independence (when it's you)
- The result is what counts
- Efficiently organize your time (you can work and wait for the plumber at the same time)

Disadvantages of Working From Home

The disadvantages of working from home are:
- Getting started with the new way of working
- The new work unraveled
- Less personal; no direct contact with colleagues
- No conversations in between at the coffee machine
- Lack of team building, solidarity and 'we' feeling
- Depending on your own / delivered facilities to be able to work Without discipline, the freedom and autonomy offered is difficult
- No direct colleagues to spar with
- No social control

How Often Working From Home

In principle, employees only have to go to the office for team building sessions. Because even meetings can be attended from home. Nevertheless, it's not wise - often due to various disadvantages - to work from home too often. The exception to this is when you, as a freelancer, don't have colleagues or employees. You decide how many hours you work at home each week - in consultation - yourself. And as an entrepreneur you also determine how many hours your employees are allowed to work from home as much as possible.

Another Way of Management

Finally, working from home regularly requires a different way of management. Instead of paying attention to the number of hours worked, check that the delivered output and the result are correct. This means, among other things, that it's not bad if an employee isn't available for two hours in the morning because he is arranging private affairs. He/She probably gets more than enough of those hours in the evening, after all the work has to be finished within the set deadline. However, it's wise to make agreements about the hours that an entire department or company must be at the office. For example, for a team building session or a weekly meeting. Try to schedule these times and appointments outside the times of the trip.

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