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How to Find Jobs

Now that the economy is improving, more people are trying to find a new job. Not so long ago the newspaper was the place to look for vacancies, but as with so many things, the internet has taken over that role.

Job seekers like you do well to be active online. In this article we list several ways to find a job online through the internet. We also give you the most effective tips.

1) Register with temporary employment agencies

Temporary employment agencies aren't only a good starting point for starters and students looking for a job. Even those who are more involved in their career can find a nice vacancy at an employment agency. Registration is more often done online, although it may be to your advantage if you personally go to the agency and have the intermediary who will take care of your application.

If you're entitled to a benefit, you're in any case obliged to register with temporary employment agencies. You also do that online: upload your CV or fill it in a form and indicate what are your competencies. For example, the employees of employment agencies can easily make a selection of candidates when they are offered a vacancy. You can also check regularly on their websites if there are interesting vacancies for you. The temporary employment agencies also have a joint website where you can register for the email service so that you're kept informed of vacancies offered through them.

2) Social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Another way to find a job is to use your networks, specially on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/jobs). Report on Facebook and Twitter that you're looking for work and specially for job. This way, your friends and followers may be able to point you to a suitable vacancy. LinkedIn, the network for business use, is also ideally suited for this. Many companies specifically offer their vacancies here and you can clearly indicate in your profile text that you're looking for a job. The larger your network, the greater the chance that a joint knowledge that happens to be looking for a new employee sees your profile.

3) Online Job Sites

A very easy way to find job vacancies that may be compatible with your education and work experience are the online job sites such as: https://www.indeed.com, https://www.monster.com and https://us.jobs, our vision that "Indeed is the largest worldwide". These websites are a kind of search engines. Employers don't offer their own vacancies here, but these websites search the internet for websites that have vacancies. They mainly draw from the sites of the large employment agencies, but these sites also find vacancies that companies place on their own website.

You can make your CV and vacancy preferences known on these websites. What kind of work do you seek, at what level, in which region and for how many hours per week. Do you want to work in shifts, in the evening or at the weekend or only from Monday to Friday during the day, you can indicate it all. Also the travel distance from your home to the location of the company, so that you aren't offered jobs that don't have to do in terms of travel distance.

Tips for responding to online vacancies

If you want to respond to an online vacancy, you have to do it quickly. Many vacancies are only online shortly. Because it's so easy to apply through the internet, there are sometimes hundreds of responses to a vacancy within one to a few days. That's why a vacancy is usually removed after a few days or sometimes after a day. Certainly when it comes to wanted vacancies for which the job requirements aren't too high and specific, it's often a storm. So if you see a nice job, respond immediately, because if you think you're going to apply at the end of the day, there is a good chance that you're fishing behind the net and the job has already been removed. But please note: responding to an online vacancy only makes sense if you actually meet the profile. The chance is small that you'll be approached if your education and work experience don't fit in with what is being asked.

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