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ICT Skills Required

What are the ICT skills do you need to have in order to make a chance for your dream job within ICT employment market-place? There are enough vacancies, just as there are a large number of candidates.

The ICT Skills of the modern (and future) ICT employee

Before you read on, we already provide 10 much-needed ICT Skills of this moment:

- Project management
- Python
- System management
- Data-specialist
- Software testing
- IT Security
- JavaScript
- Java
- C #

With which skills do you make the difference? In other words; what should the modern ICT 'er or IT' actually meet? Something else: in view of the technical developments, children who come into contact with technology and ICT early, seem to be the IT people of the future.

Because of the ICT work to be carried out quite a lot of ICT Skills from an ICT 'is expected nowadays, specially when it comes to technical skills in relation to data.

Are you a rock in statistical analysis or Data Mining, Specialist in Software and User Testing or the best in web architecture? Then if you apply, you have a good chance to find a job quickly. Mentioned skills are and will remain important in the coming years.

ICT Skills

Various parties, including LinkedIn, have monitored short and long periods of time that online recruiters specifically looked for when it comes to IT professionals.

It was established that technical qualities (above soft skills) continue to prevail. Not surprising, not least because the growing demand for people to view data transparently and manage to use innovative ways in the various sectors continues to grow.

It's expected that the demand for these technical competences will certainly continue for a longer period.

Hardware and software

Striking in the results of the research is that the so-called soft skills (soft skills) will play an ever greater role. These are things like communicative qualities and being able to work well in a team.

The further recognizable IT tasks such as the installation of hardware and software and everything related to it play an important role, just like programming software. This also applies to the support of the group of users of ICT applications and systems.


Who reads a vacancy in which ICT is asked, who encounters a variety of requested skills

Often you read that you have to have a great sense of responsibility, knowledge of network and servers, knowledge of PHP, communicative in order, accurate, able to work independently following the applicable procedures, reporting, multilingualism and stress resistant.

A lot of it?

Don't let this put you off at all, because every job requires other specific qualities.

For example, there is increasing demand for experts from Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, Software QA and User Testing, Web Architecture and Development Framework, as well as Middleware & Integration software.

Broader work

We can conclude, however, that ICT activities have become broader and have to be broadened (too?). Of course, it is always about dealing with computers and devices and about their use.
However, the profession has become much broader.

Technology is in fact everywhere in 2018. Just think of a public transport chip card that's necessary to travel by public. Even devices such as washing machines can't be used without a chip nowadays.

No sense of consequences

What matters is awareness of the consequences that apply to the use of technology. This means matters such as safety and privacy and possible financial consequences.

The more knowledge about these issues is gained, the better the technology can be handled. The amount of technology in our daily lives doesn't automatically mean that every boy or girl automatically gets more ICT skills. On the contrary.

Despite the fact that the use of all kinds of devices and technology is becoming increasingly common, there is only rarely knowledge of the processes that are trapped behind the technology.

It has even become apparent that despite the fact that younger children always work with a telephone and computers, they don't or barely realize the consequences of the use of these devices. Moreover, teachers often lack ready knowledge about these techniques.

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