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Highest Paying Jobs

Do you have to start your career or still thinking which career suites you? Anyway, it might be worth to know what are the well-paid jobs in the marker now, what the best-earning jobs for you.

Are you ready for it? Listed here the top 10 highest paying jobs in 2019 according to our research, but please note that it may partially differs from one country to another.

1. Medical specialist

As a (former) student of medicine, you're now clapping your hands. The Medical Specialist position has been in the top 3 of highest paying jobs for years. Actually that isn't surprising: you work under enormous pressure and you have a great deal of responsibility. Various specializations fall under this position and the salaries therefore vary.

2. Pilot

Pilots literally have people's lives in their hands and therefore bear a lot of responsibility. The admission requirements are strict and the training is demanding. But, you get a great job, and a big salary.

3. Lawyer

These top lawyers often work literally day and night to make justice prevail. What do they get in return? Justice, honor, elegant clothing and chic offices. And of-course with a high salary rate per hour, the number 3 of highest paying jobs in 2019.

4. Company Director

Director, company director, CEO, whatever you want to call it. The director of a company is at the top of the organization. He or she determines the policy and conducts the general management of the company. Of course the salary depends on the size of the organization and the industry.

5. Business economist

A business economist is someone who keeps the company financially healthy. That also requires a lot of mathematical, legal and economic knowledge. Are you considering studying business economics, are you already working on it or have you already completed your studies? Then you're in the right career to earn a high rate per hour.

6. Commercial director

The commercial director is in charge of all commercial activities of a company. Think of marketing, sales, after sales and service. There is no clear-cut professional profile, but one thing is certain: your salary can be found at a high average of usd per hour.

7. HR director

As a top man or top woman in the Human Resource department, you're ultimately responsible for all activities in the field of human resources. What is waiting for you if you can work your way up to this position? Of course a high rate salary.

8. Sea Captain

As captain you're responsible for the entire ship. So also for the cleanliness, the personnel policy, the money management, the stock on board, the accounting, and more. It's a versatile, responsible job where you have to keep both feet on the ground (or well, on the ship).

9. Notary

If you're going to buy or sell a house, you record all agreements and statements in documents with a notary. If you read such a notarial deed, you may not understand it. If you go for purchase guidance with your house hunt, they will help you to dig through the paperwork. And is everything round? Then you can pay the notary to contribute to his or her salary!.

10. Investigator

These men and women try to unravel the mysteries of criminal activities. The risk and effort they are doing is why they get a very good income.

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