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Finding a Job in Canada

You can look for a job in Canada in many different ways. During your search, try to use as many sources as possible to increase your chance of finding a suitable job. Different sectors and functions require different search methods. Get as much information as possible by asking around with friends, acquaintances and other contacts.


The Internet is a good place to start your job search. This medium is a very common way to find and find a job. The possibilities are large and some companies complain that they have problems with processing all submitted resumes. So you may have to be patient with waiting for an answer.

The Internet is a very useful source that you should certainly make good use of. There are a number of useful Canadian websites that can help you on your way to finding a suitable job:

- www.monster.ca
- www.workopolis.ca
- www.hotjobs.ca

It may also be that you have certain companies in mind that you would like to work for. Go to the websites of these companies and investigate whether there are several similar companies in that sector. On the specific websites of these companies you'll often find a possibility to leave your resume or to request more information about any vacancies.

When you decide to respond to a job through the Internet you have to pay attention to a number of things. It's important that you don't just fill in or submit the same for every vacancy. Often extra information is requested, such as the delivery of a resume, a motivation letter or answering some specific questions. Make sure you meet all these requirements. Employers still complain about the poor quality of the responses they receive. So take the time to provide all the information that the employer asks for carefully. This increases your chances of getting the job.

Employment agencies

There are various types of employment agencies in Canada that often have their own specialty or target group. Many agencies specialize in short-term employment or looking for work on the basis of a (temporary) contract. In this case, the employment agency acts as an intermediary for the employee and the employer. The employer pays the employee through the employment agency. Temporary employment agencies are a very good option if you're looking for work based on a (temporary) contract.


When you're looking for a job you shouldn't hide this. Tell as many people as possible that you're searching. Family and friends may know someone who could help you. Many jobs are found through these types of contacts and recommendations. Knowing the right people can bring major benefits. Expand your circle of acquaintances with people who could help you. Becoming a member of the local sailing club or participating in a local board can qualitatively broaden your network and considerably increase the chance of a suitable job. You can also network on the Internet. There are online networks that are specifically aimed at finding a job. Some examples are:

- www.linkedin.com
- www.bot.com
- www.boardoftrade.com
- www.rcyc.ca

Career Centers and Job Markets

There are a number of career centers in Canada that could come in handy in your search for a suitable job. Some are tied to a training institution and others to private companies. They can be a useful starting place to start your search. Many career centers also offer assistance in drawing up a resume or other job search skills.

Job markets are also occasionally organized. A large group of employers gather during these events to provide information to potential employees. You may meet your future employer in one of these markets. This will certainly not always be the case, but the job markets are at least a good source of information on which to base your job search.

HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)

The HRSDC is responsible on behalf of the government for the labor market in Canada and they therefore offer many emergency services for people looking for a job. Examples of this are helping with the preparation of a resume and conducting rehearsed job interviews. Go to the website of the HRSDC for more information: www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca .

Respond directly to employers

You can also try to get a job in a more direct way by walking into a company and simply asking for a job. Prepare a complete and well-groomed CV, take it to the company you have in mind and hand it in at the reception or secretariat. In some sectors this tactic will have a greater chance of success than in others, but it's often worth trying. It's important that you look neat and tidy during these first (short) visits to your potential employer. The employer will evaluate you from the first moment you enter his company, even if the visit only takes a few minutes.


Many local newspapers have a separate section specially for job openings. There are also various free published journals that focus specifically on the job market, which can be a good source of information. You can find these free magazines at the jobs banks, metro stations and HRSDC offices.

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