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Answers To A Few Job Search Questions

Today’s job market across the globe can only be described as dismal. Thousands of qualified individuals are searching for work and industry bosses are scared stiff of increasing their overheads by taking on fresh talent. It's imperative therefore that you take a look at what problems and stumbling blocks you may be presented with when searching for a job and more importantly how to overcome them.

Here’s a great tip to take a look at How do I learn to quickly use social media networks?

Unless you have been living under a stone you'll have heard of Twitter and Facebook. These are just 2 of the massively popular web 2.0 social network sites and they are being used to immediately get news out to millions of subscribers every hour of the day. Now if you're searching for work and you want to impress your potential employer, what better way to go about it than knowing all about his or her business and more importantly their competitors. With this research in the bag you can feel confident about sitting in front of anyone and talking knowledgably about their business. Here is a fast way to do just that.

Go to Google and type in “Keyword press release” and “Keyword news release” replacing the word Keyword with words relating to the industry that your next job would fall under.

Here are a couple of examples for you to try, Google – “social media press release” and “high-tech marketing news release” – and you'll get the idea of what I mean.

Many of the announcements and press releases that you'll find are hot of the press and far too new to be available in books and magazines. This news is meant to be available for radio and television stations as well as national and local press and now you can have free access to it just like the big boys

Imagine the confidence that you would have going into an interview armed with all the latest and breaking news of activity in their market place. Picture yourself sitting at the interview saying something like “ I see that your competitor L Jones Inc announced some pretty important news yesterday” and then you go on to talk about stuff that’s not even in the newspapers yet

How do you think reporters come up with all their stories, they read press releases that’s how and now you can do exactly the same.

You can even use this type of up to the minute information, to grab an edge when it comes to resume writing. you'll know by now that it's of the upmost importance to write an attention grabbing resume cover letter. Well imagine if you were to start that letter by mentioning the breaking news that we have just spoken about. Do you think that the person reading that letter will be impressed by the fact that you already know something about their business and their competitors – you bet. More importantly, the chances of you being called for an interview will quadruple as they will want to find out what more you know.
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