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As a professional employer, you always have your formal communication with your staff in writing. If you want your staff to resume work in the office, in the practice or at the workplace, such as after the intelligent lockdown, you must notify them by letter. This way you avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings and your company can start up smoothly.

This job resumption letter is suitable for any situation in which you want (part of) your employees to carry out all or part of their work at the usual workplace.

What is a job resumption letter?

A job resumption letter is a letter that you as an employer send to your employee because he or she has to perform work again at the office or within your company. You send this letter:

- When (some of) your staff worked from home during the corona crisis and you expect them back to the office soon
- If you have not called your on-call worker for a longer period of time in connection with the corona measures
- When you have released your employee from work and you want him to come back to work

When do I need a job resumption letter?

You use the job resumption letter if you, as an employer, demonstrably want to let your employee know that he must resume all or part of his activities at the office or within your company. You may no longer have called your on-call worker, your employee may have temporarily worked from home or was exempt from work.

What does the job resumption letter say?

This job resumption letter states, among other things:

- The reason for resuming work
- The situation of your employee now
- The date and time of the resumption of work at the usual workplace
- The number of hours that your employee resumes work
- Possibly the message that you have taken measures to make your staff work as safely as possible
- The option to report that you will be instructing your staff on health measures taken
- When your staff will receive these instructions in concrete terms
- The details of your employee
- Your company details

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