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When carrying out a selection process, the part that is given the least importance is probably the writing of the job description. However, this is the gateway (or barrier) to attracting new talent.

The people who read the offer can decide to apply or not depending on what is written in it. We must write descriptions that are attractive and that attract the attention of the people we are interested in.

An extraordinary person will not apply to ordinary jobs.

Creating the perfect job description will filter candidates and get people to share it, further expanding your reach.

Tips for writing a job description that attracts talent

Keep these tips in mind when writing your next job description.

Think about the title

This is a difficult task: you must come up with a title that stands out but is easy for Google to "read" and conveys the spirit of your company.

The trick? Use 70% of words that are relevant and commonly used; and 30% that stands out and attracts attention. And don't overextend yourself.

Do not be boring

Most job postings are boring, they don't convey anything. That can cause you to lose 50% of candidates before they reach the middle of the page.

Please note that there is no mandatory standard for these descriptions. Most companies copy each other because they don't know what to say.

Introduce elements that attract attention. If you want a candidate who stands out, you will have to stand out first.

Difference between "require" and "prefer"

Focus on those skills that are essential for the position you're advertising. For example, you may require empathy and good communication skills for a person who will be serving clients. And it may be preferable, but not necessary, to have a college degree.

The longer the list of requirements, it's likely that you will find fewer candidates and that you will lose an exceptional one along the way.

Be true to the style of your company

A different voice and style will also set your offering apart from the rest. Speak directly to the person you want to hire and try to convey the culture of your company.

Are you serious? Fun? Reflecting all of that will make you attract the right person to fit into your team.

Don't be afraid to show off

You are proud of your company and the team you have created. It isn't bad to have it in your job description. If you want to inspire candidates, you will have to tell them about the benefits of working with you.

For example, in an offer from a company called Abc, after describing the job requirements, they dedicated a paragraph to what it's like to work there:

"Abc was created to be a fun place to work. We treat our employees like royalty. We care deeply about the professional development of each of them and their goals ยป

Be brief

Don't overextend yourself. List between 3 and 5 competencies and briefly mention the titles, experience... required. Depending on the complexity of the position, between 400 and 800 words should be sufficient.

Make applying simple

Provide clear and concise information on how to apply for the job description. Too complex a process can make people back down. Use dots and lines to explain each step.

Surprise the candidate

As we said at the beginning, many times we give little importance to the job description. However, this will be the candidate's first impression of your company.

Do your best to write the best offers and you will attract the best candidates.

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