How to Introduce Yourself


Thousands of graduates, all with a nice curriculum vitae, but you want that job. How do you do that? How do you stand out among all young professionals? How do you introduce yourself in a unique way?

Introduce Yourself

You know the cliches: "I'am a go-getter and team player, but can also work independently." Many a recruiter will respond with a sigh and throw the application directly in the trash. With these kinds of statements you are one of many who present themselves in the same way. The same applies to statements like: "I'm Mark, 23 years, graduated Applied Psychology and living in California.". This says nothing about you as a person. I now know which diploma you have, but not why you are interesting to me.

Introducing yourself on the basis of simple facts or commonly used clichés will not distinguish you from the rest. You have something unique to offer. Something that is typical of you. You have your personal brand .

Create Your Own Brand

How do you do such a thing, create your own brand? And how do you know what your personal brand is?

The first step in this search is to understand the concept of personal branding. Personal Branding is about your personality. If you have a good personal brand, everyone knows who you are, what you stand for and what you excel at. That is what you want to achieve. Discover what you like, what you are good at and what gives you energy.

Ask yourself the question: What character traits or skills distinguish me from the others who have followed my education?

Discovering this is of course a big step. You will not immediately know what sets you apart from the rest, but you can already think about this. Ask friends and / or colleagues how they would describe you and what your best quality is. Or talk to a coach who helps you find and formulate your unique qualities.

Personal Branding Tips

Tip 1

Have you found these unique quality (s) that set you apart from the rest? Then it's important that you know how to convey this correctly. Make your unique talent or quality concrete by asking yourself the question: "How does this quality express itself to me?" Write down what comes out of this question and then name these matters when you introduce yourself, for example during a job interview or during a networking event.

So you can say about yourself: "I'am an enthusiastic trainer" , but it's better to say: "I'am an enthusiastic trainer, because I'am always happy and energetic in front of a group, a lot of smile and sincere compliments when I give see someone doing something right. This creates a very lively and enthusiastic atmosphere that makes people like to listen to me and become enthusiastic themselves. "

Make your unique quality (s) concrete. Only then do you know how to transfer this, without falling into cliches.

Tip 2

In addition, ensure that your personal brand is visible everywhere. Make sure that your clothing style and behavior are consistent with your personal brand. So your qualities lie in managing or directing people, so make sure that you make an influential impression by dressing properly and behaving confidently. Do you have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic, then also share articles about this topic on social media and tell passionately about it. Your personal brand must be seen in everything!

Tip 3

Be constant in your behavior. You want to radiate something that is unique to you. Make sure that this can be seen in multiple places and multiple times. Do not go to work very well dressed one day and very informally the following day. This makes it difficult to get a clear picture of you, so the desired picture about you is also difficult to achieve.

Tip 4

Make sure your personal brand is the real you! This is the most important tip. Your personal brand shows who YOU ​​are and why an employer must choose YOU. A 'fake' personal brand is quickly discovered by others and will cost you a lot of effort because you present yourself differently than you are. The big challenge is to discover what YOUR unique added value is and how YOU can radiate this.

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