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Questions to Ask in an Interview

Listed below 40 sample interview questions you may ask the employer about; A totally unstructured collection, which you still have to attribute to the interview that you have. The trick is to reframe the questions before each interview, to expand them and to adjust them in order. Also keep in mind that conversations sometimes take a different turn. Make sure that you know the questions by heart, so that you can easily indentify them.

1. Company or product name, why was that name chosen at the time?

2. How can we best describe the company in the future?

3. What is the usual approach to date in the presentation (sales / marketing) of the company (products / services) in introductory meetings?

4. What are the most important USPs to engage you?

5. What else do you like to emphasize? What do you prefer not to emphasize?

6. If you don't have to sell the product so much, but the dream (not the fitness machine, but the friends and the gained self-confidence) how would you describe that?

7. How could the caption that's now 'xxxx' be able to ring even more?

8. Can you actually say that 'xxxx' is a daughter of 'yyyy'? is / 'successor', 'heir'. Or is that relationship very different?

9. Does the company have shareholders?

10. Can you describe the mission / vision / and the goal?

11. What was the first notable assignment / client / job / challenge for you?

12. Can you name the different core activities of the company individually?

13. Who are the most important target groups per core activity?

14. Who do you want to address with the website or brochure?

15. What do you earn the most on now? What are ideal customers / projects? What else would you like to have?

16. Do you also have things that belong, but that you would rather not do?

17. Where is the strength or preference of the company if you have to choose between A or B? Between X or Y?

18. What distinguishes the company from its competitors? Is there competition in your specialization? At what level does that take place?

19. What is really characteristic / characteristic for the company?

20. Are you innovative / original / etc.? What does that mean? (projects, but also in services for example?)

21. What is the company not good at?

22. How would a customer of yours describe the company to another? (identity / image)

23. How would you like to be described by customers?

24. What would you most like to tell them?

25. What is the market demanding at the moment? What are the buzz words in your branch of sport?

26. Which jargon is you against? (scalability, cost effectiveness, solutions)

27. Complete the sentence: you're really satisfied when ...?

28. What kind of projects do you hope to have / do in five years?

29. Do you want to emphasize the size of the company in the number of employees?

30. How many people do you hope to employ in five years?

31. Suppose you suddenly need more people because of a certain development: what kind of people are you looking for?

32. Is the company affiliated with a trade association? Why not / yes? What is the added value?

33. Which stamps / certifications do you want to mention?

34. Do you want to mention cooperating companies / parties (possibly co-investors, etc.)? If so how?

35. At which competitor / competitor would you secretly want to look a bit like? What are they doing well? How do they present themselves?

36. What is the worst xxxx company you know? Why?

37. How unique are you in that respect?

38. How does the company not want to be known, how much more?

39. Five adjectives that fit the company (involved, creative, good, decisive, fast, continuity etc)?

40. The company in one sentence?

Finally remember to well-study the company & the business before making the interview; this could be done within a good percentage by visiting the company website and read it well, every aspect as you could, this would help you so much to choose which questions you may ask about! More than that, if you got the name and position of your interviewer, search about his profile in LinkedIn or any socials, read about him to get a background knowledge with whom you're going to communicate, and which questions may attracting him!

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