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Your interests can tell a lot about who you're and what suits you. They provide important information for making the right career choice . After all, your interests indicate what you like to do and which things interest you. If the profession of your choice is in line with your interests, you'll enjoy your work more.

Interest tests help you to define your interests and to determine what you prefer to do. This can help you make a career choice .

How do interest tests work?

Most interest tests give you a list of two activities each time. You then always indicate which of these activities appeals to you the most. Based on your choices, a result can be given about your interests. Sometimes statements are also given, in which you indicate to what extent the statement applies to you.

Do you want to try it yourself? Then take the free sector interest test , which tells you where your interests lie and which professions are appropriate.

Capacities and personality

Your interests don't always match your abilities. For example, your interests may lie with painting, while you're actually not very good at it. Or you may find it very nice to write a book when you can't write well. You can therefore not base your choice for a profession solely on your interests. Your capacities and personality are also important when making a career choice. Therefore always do a capacity test and personality test if you use the interest test to orientate yourself in your career choice. And of course the career choice test is also important.

Interest tests and study choice

Interest tests can also offer a solution when making a study choice . After all, studying is easier when the subject of the study really interests you, and moreover a study largely determines the profession in which you'll end up. But here too it's wise not to base your choice solely on the result of an interest test, and to do a study choice test, for example.

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