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An intent message - letter of intent - is a letter you send to seek admission to a university program or get a job at a company. This works as a notification as well as a form of communication between the candidate and the employer. It's important that the letter conforms to the required format because it's easier for the contracting party to read your application from among all the ones it receives.


The letter of intent uses a formal letter template, where the date and address of the recipient are written in the upper left of the page. Two lines below the address you must use "Dear" as a greeting, as well as the honorary position and last name of the recipient. The body of the text should be aligned to the left, with the first line of each paragraph indented.


The introduction should convey very clearly who you are. Use relevant references such as the university from which you have graduated, as well as important degrees that you have acquired from previous experiences. This is also the space where you tell the recipient where you found the notice about the job and why you are interested in applying. An example of introduction is: "My name is John Smith. I'am a graduate of the University of California with a specialization in Literature and I have worked as Chief Editor in the university newspaper. I learned about the job of marketing coordinator in my local newspaper."

Reasons to be the best candidate

The first paragraph should state the reasons why the employer must choose you over the other candidates. Explain how you are different from others, who have the same skills. For example, in the first paragraph you can put "I'am a motivated individual who has experience in advertising and business development, which positions me as an ideal candidate for the position."


You must mention your abilities in the body of the letter. These are essentially what you are selling to the company. By presenting yourself as a valuable candidate, you increase the chances of succeeding in the interview. An example of a second paragraph would be: "Working on a communication platform at my university allowed me to develop the capacity to solve critical problems, which I can apply in the position of marketing coordinator."

Closing or conclusions

The closing paragraph of the letter of intent must contain information that expresses your intention to obtain the position. Reiterate how the company will benefit from hiring you, as well as your personal wishes to be in that place. An example: "I'am an individual who works with goal orientation and seeks to excel in this position, so I think the company would benefit from me." Conclude the letter with "Best regards" and your signature written in ink above your name (unless you are emailing the letter, of course).

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