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Today's article I want to dedicate to offer 3 useful tips to enhance and improve your job opportunities.

The current market is very competitive, of this there is no doubt, more and more profiles with multiple careers, languages, postgraduate, MBAs etc.

How to improve your career opportunities?

To stand out in such an aggressive ecosystem, we must take special care in 3 areas:

1) Visibility
2) Quality (Less is more)
3) Branding

We will start talking about the first area, visibility. You may be number one, be very prepared and know your work in depth, but what is the use if nobody knows you?

1) Visibility:

A very important element to achieve your goals today is to be able to stand out, to make ourselves known, to be visible.

To achieve this goal, we must, among other things, strengthen our profiles on the network, this is to use digital tools and platforms, such as: Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Our profiles in these networks must be updated, cared for, paying attention to the content, images and what we want to highlight.

Starting and maintaining a personal website / blog and updating it periodically is also an excellent tool to boost visibility, as well as attend networking events, conferences, etc.

The events and working groups of the meetup platform are very useful for this purpose .

2) Quality

With this point I want to refer to the fact of doing things well, it's always better quality than not quantity, this can be applied to almost any area of life, but in the professional field we could apply it as follows:

Having a CV in several languages, which does not occupy more than 2 pages (ideally one), that faithfully represents our experience and highlights those points that differentiate us from the mass.

The digital profiles that we have mentioned before, take care of them equally, participate in forums, work groups, etc. but always taking into account the mantra of «less is more», offering quality content and contributions without saturating our followers.

Be professional in our public interventions, even if it's a simple job interview, be careful with punctuality, the aspect we offer and the way we behave before, during and after the interview. Sometimes a little detail is everything.

3) Branding

This last point is intimately linked to the previous ones, if we are going to offer a quality image and enhance its visibility, we need the message we want to send to be consistent.

With branding or "self-marketing" we refer to the ability we can have to "sell" our image and project it abroad. In other words, what others think and feel when reading a comment from us, an article or an image related to our person.

Like multinationals such as Apple, they have managed to get their users and devout customers to queue at the entrance of their stores to get the latest iPhone model or to feel emotion when they see one of the CEO's Keynotes.

We can achieve something similar at the personal brand level, if we take care of our message, what we want to communicate and how we want to communicate, planning a strategy and being consistent at all times.

I hope that this article makes you reflect for a few moments and invite you to take the necessary steps to start a personal brand strategy that will help you achieve your professional goals.

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