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We know that the search for a good candidate is a difficult process, in which you not only have to be attentive, but you have to decipher all the skills and abilities of the potential interviewees in order to find the right one. So, how could it be otherwise, in this article we explain 20 qualities that you should, yes or yes, identify in the person you're interviewing. Attentive, don't miss any!

Elements describe the perfect candidae

The followings are 20 points that will help you to select ideal candidates.

1. Ability to work in a team

The fact that it meets this quality is key, because when a whole team collaborates and works together , the results are good. The objectives set are met, weaknesses are reduced and strengths are obtained. Everything is advantages!

2. Commitment

When working, you need to have some degree of involvement with the company . If during the interview you're committed and leave no doubt that you'll be able to give your best, don't hesitate, the position is yours!

3. Responsibility

Although sometimes we don't value it enough, this quality is very necessary when performing any task. A candidate who demonstrates that he has it will focus 100% on his work and the result will be satisfactory, not to mention that he will optimize his time and that of the entire team.

4. Work under stress

Having the ability to know how to work under pressure and control stress is a great quality and very much in demand! If you have in front of a candidate who feels safe and comfortable working like this, who knows how to act and who is not afraid to face a time trial challenge, you have a jewel ahead!

5. Positive attitude

A person who conveys interest in work and new projects will always have the doors open. Find someone who shows the desire to work and you'll have half way earned!

6. Proactivity

Having initiative and taking action without waiting for another person to tell you is one of the greatest qualities a candidate can have. If the interviewer is attentive and doesn't miss the opportunity to innovate and create on their own, it's a good sign!

7. Adaptability

Knowing how to adapt is important to any change, so make sure that your candidate feels comfortable in the face of news, and that fear is not something that blocks him, but, on the contrary, motivates him.

8. Interest

Someone who is interested in the company, the position, the job, the new projects or even the co-workers before the interview, shows that they are truly interested and that their attention and their desire are totally committed to the position.

9. Sincerity

This is a fundamental law, because transparency and honesty are keys to a good working relationship, without excuses and without exception!

10. Empathy

Knowing how to put yourself in the shoes of the rest is very important if we want our team to get along and work well together. So, if you find a candidate who is able to leave the ego at the door and show closeness and understanding towards their peers, you have a favorable working environment assured!

11. Motivation

When things are done willingly, it shows, and the results too! Therefore, look carefully at the energy and the desire that a candidate puts from the beginning of his interview until the end, if it seems that he is willing to eat the world, he is on the right track! And is that motivation at work is the essential ingredient.

12. Learning capacity

If there is something that should never be missing in your candidates, it's the desire to continue learning.

Remember to always look for in your interviews the willingness to acquire new knowledge, an infinite curiosity and the motivation to know more.

13. Polyvalence

Being an expert in more than one subject will make a great candidate stand out among everyone else. If you run into someone who has different knowledge and can also complement each other, value it!

14. Self-taught

A candidate motivated to learn on his own, has a big plus in his favor! And, if someone wants to learn to do something, and has the initiative to look for a video or read about how to do it for himself, he will do wonders in your company because he will not stop until he has achieved the objectives he has set.

15. Communication skills

Knowing how to express what you want to say and take care of communication, both verbal and nonverbal, is very important in your ideal candidate. So pay attention to the details and you'll see that you'll identify very soon how assertive it is.

16. Emotional intelligence

Knowing how to manage both your own emotions and those of others is an important requirement of every good candidate, because this ensures a good working environment and positive energy in the team.

17. Dedication

That is the magic word that you should look for in your candidates, above all, that they have commitment and attitude for everything they do, whatever it is, that they certainly leave their 100% in it.

18. Punctuality

They say facts speak louder than words, and it's true! Punctuality is indispensable in your ideal candidate, because in addition to being an educational sample, it also reflects a high level of commitment.

19. Creativity

Having thousands of ideas in your head and demonstrating that it's possible to give more than one solution to the problems is one of the best qualities that your ideal candidate can have. Bet on the creative candidates and you'll succeed. Learn to value it and identify it!

20. Flexibility

Ask how flexible your candidate could be with regard to schedule, team or work issues. Learn to value flexibility and availability and promote it by strengthening your sense of belonging to the company.

These are just some of the qualities that every candidate should have, but it's a good start for you to start finding yours.

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