How Do I Become A System Administrator

If you want to become a system administrator, you have different options. Are you going to do an education such as an MBO or HBO? Or do you opt for self-study through online training courses? And what about insider knowledge? These are questions we receive regularly. In this article you get answers to these pressing questions.

System administrators are indispensable for every organization

A system administrator is also called the backbone of the organization, and takes care of the daily management and maintenance of the computer network or computer system.

The system administrator is responsible for ensuring that the various computer networks work optimally and are properly secured. The interesting and dynamic function is popular and more and more people are training towards the system administrator.

What does an average system administrator do?

What is a company without a network? The network is crucial within every organization and the dependence on automation within the network is increasing more and more.

System administrators do everything in terms of computers and the network. They are responsible for email and therefore the Internet, a wireless office, the installation of workstations, data cabling, virus scanners and many other related matters.

System administrators install and maintain the system and the server. System administrators have simply become indispensable within every modern organization.

Re-training for System Administrator

It's not surprising that more and more people are considering getting into a system administrator.

A job in IT appeals to more and more people, not in the least because of the dynamics. ICT is constantly changing because the developments in the field of technology are very fast.

Good system managers are always aware of these latest developments, so the profession always keeps moving and 'new'. Besides being knowledgeable, they also have a proactive attitude and are able to correct a breakdown before it really has become a problem.

System administrators ensure that employees can do their job without worry and that valuable time isn't lost on disruptions and malfunctioning networks or systems.

But this isn't the only reason why more and more people want to retrain to the system administrator

There is a crying shortage of well-trained system administrators. This is the chance of a well-paid job, because the demand is high while the supply is low.

Online System Administrator training

Retraining can best be done through an MBO course or online training. You need theoretical basic knowledge to be well-informed as a future successful system administrator.

If you opt for MBO Informatica training to system management, you'll often be involved for a few years at a relatively high price.

When you choose online training to retrain yourself to system administrator, you benefit from maximum flexibility, specialization and price advantages. Is this the route you want to follow, we recommend the following:

A) Basic knowledge
You'll not get anywhere without basic knowledge. CompTIA is the international certification organization that focuses on general and supplier independent IT knowledge and is also frequently asked for vacancies.

- CompTIA A +
Basic knowledge of hardware, operating systems, networks, security etc.
- CompTIA Server +
Server hardware, networks, server operating systems, backups etc.
- CompTIA Network +
Extensive knowledge about IT networks.

B) Microsoft knowledge
- Training: Installation, Storage, and compute with Windows Server 2016
Installing, configuring Windows Server 2016
- Training: Networking with Windows Server 2016
Get to know the network functionalities of Windows Server 2016
- Training: Identity with Windows Server 2016 (exam 70-742)
Learn how to work with the Identity functionalities of Windows Server 2016

After completing the above training and exams you have achieved the Microsoft certification MCSA Windows Server 2016 . This certification is one of the most requested IT certifications at employers.

How do I become a system administrator?

The answer to this question is therefore not easy. What we can give you:
- There is great demand for system administrators
- System administrators earn a lot of money
- An MBO course takes a long time and is pricey. If you have time and money, we recommend this form
- Online training is relatively cheap, flexible and starts when you want.

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