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Within the composition of any company, the human resources aspect turns out to be one of the most important and at the same time one of the priorities to be managed by it. Strictly speaking, this refers to the set of organized work provided by the different employees that make up the same, but in a simple sense it's seen as the management procedure for the selection of new human capital, its hiring, training and subsequent accession Sometimes this work is filed with only one person but normally each company has a department dedicated specially to human resources.

Even being in a company, surely you have already wondered what is " Human resources " and what is the main function of this department. HR is the acronym for the Human Resources sector, which in turn has the role: select, hire, develop, train, motivate, participate, recognize, attract and retain employees. It also has the task of taking care of issues related to hygiene factors, communication between the organization and the staff, career plan, definition of positions and salaries, taking care of safety at work and payment of personnel, as well as of the quality management of the organizational environment.

As we can see, their responsibilities are many and their role is essential for the company and its employees to work aligned within the mission, vision, values ​​and culture attached and, thereby, achieve greater productive efficiency and maximize results. Therefore, the human resources department isn't only configured as a department, but as "the department", since its actions are aimed at the integration of professionals in the business environment and also aims to increase their performance and satisfaction continuously.

Not by chance, the human resources department is always present in the life of the employee. In the selection and hiring process, for example, it's he who makes the interface between the candidates and the vacancies. The same happens when a new employee is admitted or dismissed, in the processes of training and development, promotion and in matters related to monthly compensation. Thus, it's important to highlight that although there are other subsectors within this area, the Human Resources department is the one who manages everything in relation to the company / worker relationship.

Functions of the Human Resources Department

As it's configured as a sector that offers support to all others in terms of People Management, the role of the human resources department within organizations is very broad. In this regard, I will present some of its main functions and show how your work works in practice:

The functions of the Human Resources department " HR " aren't only limited to the hiring of personnel and the settlement of salaries. In addition to these functions, they have other essential functions, although some companies limit HR to only the first two functions and carry out the other things without that department.

The Human Resources department should help keep the work team motivated, that they are trying their best and that they continue to grow as professionals. In this sense, below are some of the aspects that people working in human resources are responsible for.

List of functions of the Human Resources department

- Hiring of People
- Training and Development
- The assignment of professionals
- Knowledge Management
- Talent Retention
- Benefits, Charges and Wages
- Motivation and work environment

Why the importance of Human Resources in the company?

Human resources make it easier for companies to select new staff to work for the company. Human resources make the selection of new staff through several steps that help prepare job applicants, so that they can see the ability they have to support the workload of the job.

Among these steps of selecting new personnel for the company are:

- Be able to determine if a job candidate has the main characteristics to be able to exercise the job to which he is applying
- Be able to evaluate the professional and academic conditions or qualities that the person applying for the job may possess. This form of evaluation is almost always oral and is done through the job interview, although in some cases human resources can perform written evaluations to determine the qualities of that person applying for the job.

After evaluating those people who were interviewed, the person who works in human resources should give each job applicant a grade or score depending on the qualities and disadvantages that person has for the job.

After qualifying applicants for employment, human resources personnel must decide who will be the applicant or applicants who will be selected for employment. This type of tasks as personnel selection is complicated and tedious, and the human resources organization makes this type of task easier for companies.

Another reason that explains the importance of human resources is that they are responsible for recruiting or training company personnel, so that they can be productive and effective in resolving conflicts that the company may present.

The human resources organization is also responsible for the administration of the employee's salary policy, in addition to being able to manage everything related to compensation and benefits granted to the company's employees. In short, it can be said that the organization of human resources is essential for companies because it facilitates the management of almost all matters relating to their employees. Hence the importance of Human Resources in companies.

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