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As a vice premier, I must of course always be contactable. To my shame, it's also quite common that I'm sending a message while I'm standing along the line when playing my son's football. I have chosen it myself and I have the luck that I can be strict about my agenda. I don't do business dinners because I don't find them efficient and prefer to eat with the people I love. I don't try to be busy with work while eating at home. That's possible when the children are in bed. For me it's a voluntary choice but many people view and answer their work mail or colleagues' applies late in the evening. Out of guilt or by peer pressure. That also causes extra stress. Diseased stress. The feeling that you never finished working. it's not healthy to be always and everywhere accessible.

A demanding job can be compared to top sport. You want to get the best out of yourself and for that you have to be in shape. A little muscle ache isn't bad, and a bit of stress is not. But being constantly at work while you can no longer work, while you have to recharge, is - just like exercising with an injury - dangerous. People can burn out after a while and stay ill for a long time.

We all need rest and relaxation after a long working day. People therefore deserve the right to be unreachable. After a long day of hard work it's nice to spend time at home with the family or to meet with friends. This is difficult when there is always a boss or colleague in your head whispering that you still have to look at an email or answer a message.

That's why I want employees to be entitled to unavailability after working hours. No prohibition on working at home in the evening or on the weekend, it's nice that not everyone always has to be in the same place. But modern work also includes modern protection. That means leaving the choice to the employee. No one gets sick of hard work, but everyone gets sick from working too hard.

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