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Oracle ERP software is intended on Oracle Application framework and it functions on its own database, which is prepared with many advanced features having strong functioning. Oracle database is popular for its high productivity and quick installation. Oracle Financials is the best of the most of the financial packages and its HRMS is also slowly getting popular. It has strong planning which enables the enterprise to hire expert consultants to inform buyers about the product. The customer support is very useful and helpful as well.

The most popular modules in Oracle ERP are HRMS, finance, production and so on. The Buyer can choose the modules as per their needs. It gives you the best products so you need not buy unnecessary modules thus is also ensures that you optimize your expenses.

However, if you're buying modules from two different vendors, the efficiency of the software might be reduced since the incorporation of two different kinds of software is very difficult and in some cases it'll not give a proper result.

Oracle ERP offers interfaces of two kinds. The first one is Oracle Self Service Application which has web features. And the other one is Oracle Forms which are used for main financial transactions. They both are user-friendly and are quite similar to FoxPro and Dbase. The Oracle Self Service Application can be configured to use for internet. It can be easily customized and installed quickly than the other available ERP systems. Fast adoption to the legal standards is another vital feature of Oracle ERP. Oracle ERP gives a high data security, which can’t be broken in to in most cases. With fast data migration and high security, this software has become the most reliable and convenient for usage.

An organization makes less investment because of the modular feature of Oracle ERP, which is a stepwise switchover to ERP system instead of one go. Oracle has a good reputation of providing the efficient customer support. The reporting tool of this ERP system is a unique feature which gives it edge over the others. It can take on changes in terms of legal standards very fast. This integrated ERP software adapts to changed legal standards, and the customers are well known to the easy adoptability on the new standards.

Oracle CRM on Demand module is made in such a way that it can answer to the Software as a Service industry, which comprises of automation of sales force, marketing and customer support functions. Oracle is well aware with the back office automation, and the Oracle CRM can be best used with other core ERP applications. The sales force automation helps increase the working of the sales representatives by providing relevant data related to account status, sales orders, and contacts and so on.

Oracle ERP has pre built integrated modules and an amalgamation engine with the help of which the users can integrate the modules with non- Oracle systems.

Oracle ERP system has its limitations in the sense it doesn't have the drag and drop features of the standard Windows user interface. Moreover, this ERP system can't be used easily as compared to other ERP products.

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