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How Flexible Employees Can Contribute Even More To The Operating Result


The exact number of people who embrace and actually apply the new way of working is still unclear. Partly because not everyone uses the same definition of The New Way of Working. The estimates range from 10 to 20 percent to a shocking 90 percent of the workforce. With that 90 per cent, however, it should be noted that location independent and time independent are disconnected here. This while the real new way of working is both flexible in time and in the workplace.


Employers in small and medium-sized businesses in particular can sometimes be very skeptical. There is a real office mentality in many places. Because work, do you just do that in the office? Employers and managers often can't imagine anything else than working in the office. Nevertheless, there are many advantages to flexible working. Specially in the area of ​​networking, sales and effectiveness.

Network and sales benefits

Working flexibly in time and location doesn't always mean working from home. In fact, home is often not the most ideal environment to work. However, there are many other possibilities that can contribute a lot. Think of flexible work places in coworking spaces. These are ideal working environments to work flexibly. At coffee corners and communal areas such as the lunch room, you can get to know networks and new business relations. This allows you to directly expand your network and sell more of your products or services in the long term.

It's ideal for sales employees. They can work through their appointments in a coworking space, gain new contacts there and thus sell their product or service even more easily. Much less accessible than making contact in a coworking space is almost impossible.

When is the flex spot handy?

Do you live far away from the office and would you like to spend one or more days saving the trip to the office? Then you can consider renting a flexible workplace at a coworking space in the neighborhood. The saved travel time can thus be effectively spent. It's also possible to work in a coworking space before and / or after an appointment.

Advantage for employer and employee

The advantage of a flexible work location seems fairly clear. It's also easier for organizations to facilitate employees in this. There are various providers of office space that offer a flexible subscription, a strip card or something similar. Most of these landlords have a location in several cities. This allows employees in a comparable familiar environment to work wonderfully, save travel time and make new contacts.

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