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Generation Y And Choice Stress: Are You As An Organization Powerless?

Nearly 1 in 4 young people suffer from psychological problems due to the high social expectations. According to sociologist Piet Bracke, this is due to the increasing pressure; young people never had as many liberties and possibilities as today. I expect that these figures among the generation Y, born between 1980 and 2001, will not be very different from those of our southern neighbors. A development that undoubtedly worries the HR professional. After all, psychological problems can seriously interfere with the functioning of the employee. Specially if those problems eventually lead to burn-out or physical complaints. Are you powerless as an organization?


Generation Y is known as the energetic all-rounders. They excel at school, in their hobbies, in their general knowledge and in sports. The difference with older generations is that they ventilate everything broadly on social media. On Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat there is always someone who excels in something. There are plenty of options. For young generation Y employees, work or choice stress is lurking and that can lead to problems. If too many opportunities arise and if changing jobs leads to a lack of any connection with the organization, this may be at the expense of well-being at work.

Choose the right leader

It's precisely in these areas that the employer or an HR professional can be of vital importance. A good, coaching leader can support the employee in making the right choice at the right time and can prevent people from burning up in their enthusiasm. Investing in good managers is therefore of great importance for an organization. But what are the qualities of such a manager? And what influence do you have as an organization?

Inspire & motivate

Managers must have the right coaching qualities. That means inspiring and motivating but also: helping to make the right choice at the right time. When hiring new managers it's important that you select these skills. And invest in training with your current managers. In this way you ensure that there is a culture within the organization that connects with both the managers and generation Y. Talents are then optimally utilized.

No stress, but binding & captivating

The one hundred percent occurrence of work or choice stress is a utopia. But by basing the leadership style within your organization on the needs and wishes of the generation Y, you're in any case a lot closer to a positive working environment. Make sure they get freedom and are encouraged and inspired. This way your employee will not only remain stress-free, but he will certainly feel more bound.
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