Freelancers Are The Ambassadors Of The New Way Of Working

Freelancers can schedule their own days and they often seem to enjoy their work. The number of freelancers has risen considerably in recent years. This of course doesn't happen without reason.

Self-employed workers give themselves the most enjoyment of freedom, planning work themselves, choosing to work in a specific location and the balance between work and private life. In this way self-employed entrepreneurs may be the ambassadors of The New Way of Working. Flexible in time, place and duration.

Stagnant growth of the Self-Employed

The growth in the number of freelancers, however, seems to be stagnating somewhat. Particularly due to the new DBA Act, companies are more cautious when it comes to self-employed entrepreneurs. Due to the announcement of the new law, uncertainty has arisen. However, not much has changed. The DBA Act is simply an agreement between freelancer and client. In particular, the contract must be concluded when there is doubt about the employment relationship.

DBA law postponed

After the first shock in the business world, the growth in the number of self-employed is expected to increase further. Specially now that the law has also been postponed. That's why the number of multi-company buildings and business centers with coworking spaces is mushrooming.

Initially, these offices were only established in large cities. Now, however, we see that this type of office is also increasingly being introduced in smaller cities.

Office buildings for freelancers, SMEs and flex workers

Freelancers often work in coworking spaces. It's the ideal working environment for self-employed people who often work "alone". In the coworking spaces, various companies, flexworkers and freelancers work in one room. This makes it easy to network, come together to collaborate and / or share knowledge. This often happens in office buildings and business centers. These are offices where several companies rent an office space, freelancers rent a workplace and flexworkers work occasionally. The canteen, game rooms, lounges and sometimes meeting rooms are shared with all companies in this building.

The New Way of Working and being a freelancer?

The new freelancer fits perfectly into the New Way of Working. They often work with deadlines that have to be met. How that happens makes out. Being in the office at 9:30 isn't necessary and there are no fixed times to take a break. There is a lot of responsibility involved here, because deadlines have to be met, even if this means that you work through until late at night.

New project, new freelancer

Companies are also increasingly trying to change team composition. Freelancers are assigned to a project group because they provide more diversity. The term "more flexible teaming" is used for this purpose. The theory behind hiring freelancers per project is that freelancers have a fresh outlook. Teams that always work together need new input and a refreshing look at a given moment.

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