What is e-HRM


In the past, only the HR department had responsibility for and insight into the HRM administration. These days, the entire organization can be involved in the HR process through Employee and Self Service Manager (ESS & MSS). This is done through the internet, hence the term e-HRM. Anyone can easily consult and change important HR issues anywhere and anytime with this web solution. Changes are immediately processed in the HRM software, so you no longer have to administer. The use of paper, e-mail and Excel is therefore a thing of the past. On this page you'll find information about the benefits of e-HRM.

E-HRM leads to time and cost savings

E-HRM makes it possible to adjust HR data yourself quickly and easily. Employees can change their data without the intervention of your HR department. Because employees themselves change their data, this data will contain fewer errors. All relevant HR information is transparent and accessible to everyone. The HRM software makes your HR processes lean and mean in this way, which leads directly to time and cost savings.

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