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Time Registration With HRM Software

Each organization keeps track of how much the staff works or spends on specific customers or projects. Regardless of whether it's a large multinational or a neighborhood store; this information is necessary to be able to pay people or to invoice. A lot of work is still being done with paper timesheets or spreadsheets, which have to be filled in manually and are therefore unnecessarily time-consuming and error-prone. Nowadays there are many possibilities to integrate time registration in HRM software. On this page you'll find what you should pay attention to with a module or system for time registration and the benefits that such a system has to offer.

Digital time registration: simple and time-saving

The most important reason to integrate your time registration into your HRM software is the time saving. The digital way of working should give your staff more efficiency in keeping up with the hours. By specifying activities and projects in advance in the digital overview of your staff, your employees can indicate with a few clicks how much time they have worked on certain projects.

Up-to-date insight into business process

A digital and up-to-date overview of time registration makes it possible to gain insight into business processes. This makes it immediately clear where the precise wage costs are and employees can be distributed more efficiently among customers and projects.

Choose a relevant system

If you're looking for a system or module for time registration for your organization, make sure that you have mapped out the purpose of the system. If the module only has to function for recording time, you'll need a simpler module than if you want to be able to filter all kinds of other information from the system. Compare the providers of modules or systems for time registration and the functionalities of the package that they offer. Always opt for a user-friendly and effective system that has no superfluous functionalities.

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