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Select e-HRM ESS and MSS Solution

Based on which criteria can you select a solution for ESS and MSS? You'll receive the answer from some knowledge partners. They are all specialized in the field of HRM software of which ESS and MSS are part.

A number of selection criteria

An organization selects an e-hrm system based on the following criteria:

- The extent to which the system can bring efficiency to administrative HRM processes;
- The extent to which the system supports HR policy, structures activities and guarantees results;
- The degree of user-friendliness, safety and the price / quality ratio;
- The extent to which the system can be linked to other HR systems that are important to the organization;
- The extent to which the system offers an integrated solution by connecting the essential HR processes with each other, such as job management, assessment system, competence management, e-learning and recruitment and selection.

Look at the scalability

It's important to look at the objectives and desired forms of self-service access and to choose the appropriate solution. If the roadmap is clearly defined for the organization, it's important to realize quick wins for all types of users in every phase, thereby increasing acceptance of the system. When selecting a solution we advise companies to look at the scalability of the solution and freedom / choice for deployment of the individual self-services.

Name the most time-consuming HR processes

You make the right selection in ESS / MSS as an organization by naming your current, most time-consuming HR processes and comparing them to the ESS / MSS solutions offered for this by suppliers.

Only choose suppliers with the right security certificates and preferably with extensive experience in the implementation and rollout of ESS / MSS. Because in practice you don't immediately digitize and offer online, it's important that you can take the processes in phases and bring them live.

Take the future into account

A selection of books and functional wishes and requirements is outdated. It must be possible to explain on a few pages what the question is and for which situation a system is being sought. We observe a trend break in the choice for extensive custom-built systems, towards out-of-the-box solutions. The latter are of high quality, further developed, user-friendly and can be integrated as standard with other systems. Establish scenarios for now, in two years and five years. Take into account the management costs and time, and costs when scaling up and down in the future. Suppliers know the trends, the issues and the market. Use that knowledge.

Helps achieve ESS and MSS business objectives

By looking at your own strategy in a general sense and the personnel policy in particular. To what extent can an ESS / MSS solution help the organization achieve its business objectives. By making your own SMART position in advance in the area of ​​Finance, inflow / throughflow / outflow and HRM activities, it's possible to properly determine what the ROI is on the investment in an ESS / MSS. It thus becomes well measurable which activities can be faster, take less time and / or take place with fewer people.

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