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Save and Consult Personnel Data Using HRM Software

Personnel data are an indispensable part of HRM software. With the HRM software it's possible to consult the name and address data, contract and salary data, deductions and reimbursements. On this page you'll find information about the benefits of this functionality.

Always up-to-date data of employees

Within the HRM software, personnel data can be consulted digitally. You can indicate who is authorized to view which data and possibly adjust it. This way the data is easily accessible, but still well protected. You're no longer bound to an Excel list with name and address data and all personnel data can be linked in the personal file within your HRM software.

Easily edit data

A digital location for personnel data makes it possible to adjust this data easily and quickly yourself. Employees can change their address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses themselves without cumbersome actions. Because employees themselves change their data, this data will contain fewer errors, which relieves P&O and payroll administration on both sides: the data doesn't have to be entered and there are fewer errors to recover. More sensitive data, such as contract data, can easily be adjusted by your P&O department. This data can only be changed by the designated persons.

Authorization is an important part when it comes to personnel data. After all, you don't want data to be modified or viewed by anyone. The data that's shared through the HRM software can be classified per role. Based on the user roles you can indicate which data is visible or adaptable.

Digitizing the mutation process of personnel data

With the Personnel data module within the HRM software it's possible to easily digitize the paper mutation process. Managers can easily enter or adjust the data about new employees, salary changes, promotions or time changes themselves. By setting up an approval process per given in advance, you have control over the status of the change or addition. Approval is now completely digital and is kept in the personal file of the employee. This functionality also relieves P&O and payroll administration.

Integration with Microsoft Office

With the Personnel data module you can easily create written confirmations of digital changes if desired. Due to a possible integration with Microsoft Office and the electronic personnel file within the HRM software, you can easily prepare and send the letters or confirmations that belong to a relevant change.

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