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Processing Declarations With HRM Software

Declarations of business costs incurred are an important process for organizations. This functionality of HRM software therefore provides many benefits. On this page you'll find information about processing declarations within HRM software and the benefits that this has for your organization.

Processing declarations efficiently and quickly

Everyone wants that costs incurred for his / her employer or organization can be entered and paid quickly. By using a declaration system as part of HRM software, costs to be declared can be entered easily and quickly by the employees themselves. The employee enters his declarations into the digital declaration system, after which these can be approved by the relevant manager or responsible person in the same system. Signatures, stamps and forms are unnecessary. Approved expense allowances are automatically processed and paid in the salary administration.

In addition to a more efficient course of the handling of expense allowances, they will also contain fewer errors. Employees only have to enter data once. Recurring statements will therefore be easier to submit.

Current insight into status

Because the system is completely digital, it's possible for employees to always view the status of their declarations. This way, your employees don't spend unnecessary time checking and looking up, but the statuses can be consulted in an instant.

Links to CAO

In the module developed for this type of business expense allowances, the most important and commonly used expense types are defined for. CAO specific regulations have already been built in for you. This makes commissioning the module very easy. You'll be up and running in no time.

Automatic reimbursements

When invoices are entered for which fixed reimbursements apply, the system can indicate these automatically. Moreover, the system can handle staggered fees. For example, declarations relating to staggered mileage allowance can easily be handled automatically, without your employees having to make complex calculations. This saves a lot of time and is guaranteed error-free.

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