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Pitfalls When Selecting HRM System

Not every selection of an HRM package or other personnel administration software goes well. In many cases, the same pitfalls are to blame. Read below the pitfalls that you, according to some knowledge partners, must avoid in order to achieve a good selection result.

Be realistic in time and budget

The reality indicates that 70% of software projects aren't 100% successful because they don't happen within the time or budget. We must therefore be realistic and make clear agreements in this context: what are the consequences if the project doesn't happen within time / budget. What is possible, what isn't possible. Good agreements make good friends. Another finding is that the implementation of personnel administration software fails if on the one hand the managing director doesn't support the project and on the other hand there is no support from the managers. People often forget (both the HR manager and the software supplier) that HR is in line. It's the direct managers who have to make HR come true.

Make room for the HRM project

Organizations don't take into account that the implementation takes time. The introduction of software is usually done in addition to the daily activities. Space must be made in the calendars for this. Hiring a consultant costs money. It's in his interest to write many hours. Make good agreements about this in advance. Big is beautiful. Large systems are expensive and difficult to use. Choose a package that fits your organization.

Phased implementation leads to postponement

An important and common pitfall is the phased implementation of components and / or policy areas. This leads to postponement, often the component is no longer implemented at all. In addition, third-party applications and / or own databases are often overlooked. As a result, the processes and information are still not controlled from one system. An efficiency improvement can therefore never be achieved 100%.

Take care of the right people

As with any process in your organization, an implementation of a personnel administration software application depends on the right people. This not only applies to the employees of the supplier who help you, but it certainly also applies to the people in your own organization. Ensure that you employ people who understand how the process works within your organization and who can continue to oversee the larger picture. Often a project or component fails because it's actually not known what the organization wants or how a process works. Based on half the information, something will be realized and when you start using it, it will not meet your needs.

HRM / Personnel administration software blueprint

The failure of an HRM project is if no blueprint has been made in advance. If the processes that are defined aren't followed and that the HR officers have more work than before. The pitfalls are communication about the project and its objectives. But also the processes and how they run. In other words: communicate about the blueprint and involve every layer in the organization in the project. Ensure that the organization accepts personnel administration software.

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