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Leave Registration With HRM Software

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Leave registration is necessary to be able to keep track of vacations and days off for employees. With modern HRM software you can easily automate the administration of leave days and you prevent errors and uncertainties among employees and your personnel department.

Keep track of leave

Most employees keep their holiday days themselves. Almost all employers also administer this. In cases where there are differences between the number of administration days of the employee and employer, annoying discussions arise. By automating the administration of leave days using HRM software, you prevent these discussions and all parties involved have ongoing insight into the current leave balance.

Administration of leave days

With a leave administration on paper, it's difficult to process changes. The overview is often lost if vacation days can be 'taken along' from previous years or if leave rights have to be adjusted due to a change in working hours.

There is a continuous up-to-date insight into the balance of leave days, which also gives employers better insight into the financial consequences of leave.


Not only does the administration of days off benefit from automated tracking, it also improves communication between employer and employee. The current number of leave days is visible and the status of employer and employee is always clear on pending leave applications.

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