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Human Resources Management System Selection Tips

The selection of an Human Resources Management System (HRMS) package as a personnel information system is difficult due to the large number of choices about its intended operation and the way in which you'll deploy the HRM package. The tips below help you with the selection. These are from various specialists in the field of HRM software.

Hold up a mirror

Hold a mirror for current HR processes and adjust your package of requirements and wishes accordingly.

Functionality, price and trust

The choice of a package or supplier is determined by three factors: functionality, price and trust. You can assess the first two on the basis of documentation, product demonstrations, reference interviews and the quotation, but trust is perhaps the most important. You enter into a relationship with the supplier for several years and you must have the confidence that the supplier suits you and also wants to think with you (later). From the supplier, people must be involved in the implementation who are knowledgeable and understand your 'problems', not only on a technical level but specially also on a functional and HR level. In short, make sure you call in a specialist that you trust. Each his profession.

Take into account new developments

If you do the same today as yesterday, you'll get the same tomorrow as today. So take new developments into account and choose the software that offers sufficient possibilities to respond to them. So not only see if the software can handle your current administration and procedures, but also those of the coming years.

Don't focus on dazzling applications

Don't focus on IT and dazzling applications. Make sure this is correct, but specially look at the underlying HR concept and the effective added value of a personnel information system for your organization. If a supplier comes to you, first ask about it and then look at the screen.

Personnel information system supplier and you

Once you have made a choice for a personnel information system and the associated supplier, realize that you're on the same side during the project. Both you and the supplier want the project to run as smoothly and successfully as possible. The supplier because it gives him a good reference. And you because you apparently managed to make the right choice and brought it to a successful conclusion. Given the need for this book, that's not always obvious.

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