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HRM System Selection Roadmap

HRM system selection step-by-step plan

Which criteria play a role in determining which HRM system suits your organization? Of course, user-friendliness and the extent to which the package fits in with your business process are important. But manageability, scalability, flexibility and modularity also play an important role.

Be informed by existing users

Too little use is made of experience and knowledge of existing users of the selected HRM system. It's these users who can inform you very well about the actual (im) possibilities of the software, the quality of the service provider and the implementation process. Too little attention is paid to the actual costs of implementation, services and licenses. Also let existing users inform you about this. Are there any hidden costs?

Make a good pre-selection

Managers and employees are also users, but they are hardly ever involved in the selection process. But they form the largest group of users. If they don't use it, the entire investment is for nothing. So don't forget them. Many companies have too long a list of suppliers. They get too many demonstrations and at the end they can't see the forest for the trees. So make a good pre-selection. A list with four up to five is long enough. It's often not investigated in what kind of environment (hardware, operating system, database, office software) the HRM package must run and it's unclear which systems should be connected to. This can cause unexpected problems.

Starting from the organizational need The challenge is to start from an image of the organizational needs within five years. After all, organizations often start from an HRM image as they know it today. As a result, they often have an outdated picture and they lack opportunities. A first important step means: what is the ideal HRM system for us?

Make strategic choices in advance

Often, the 'software' and the functionalities that are offered are looked at too globally, without a number of strategic choices for the type of product and services being preceded. First, the processes and the possibilities to streamline them, including the possibilities to automate and / or outsource processes, must be carefully considered.

Determine your goals in advance

A step that people are told to take, but isn't always well thought out, is the very first step: establish your goal that the HRM system must be implemented properly and clearly. Another important thing is: don't make a decision too quickly based on your own comparison of bids. It's important that the provider has given his explanation; comparing quotes is often the same as comparing apples with pears.

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