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The use of HRM software can have benefits for your organization in many areas. For example, there are various packages that contain special modules for recruitment and selection. With these modules you can easily create and place a vacancy and the administrative matters surrounding hiring a new employee are facilitated. On this page you'll find information about the use of HRM software for recruitment and selection and the benefits of this functionality.

Saving time in the recruitment and selection process

The packages that are available for recruitment and selection ensure a greatly reduced lead time for the process. The package is fully adapted to the wishes of your organization and all steps that take place with you in the process of recruitment and selection are planned and followed up in the system. Think of planning, drawing up and sending a rejection letter and sending invitations for a job interview. The system performs all steps that can be done automatically. This saves you a lot of work and time.

Integration with website

The modules for recruitment and selection can in many cases be integrated with your website. This means that vacancies that you create can be published directly and automatically on the website. In addition, candidates can respond to the vacancy through your website. In this way the data of the candidates is automatically entered into the system.

Involve managers

With the integrated modules for recruitment and selection you can easily involve your employees actively in selection procedures. With real-time insight into the status of the relevant vacancies, your managers know where they stand. The people involved can provide their feedback in the system. This is stored with the relevant candidate or vacancy. This way you have a complete overview of all feedback. With the recruitment and selection modules you can also offer managers the opportunity to post vacancies in addition to your HR department. In this way you create an extra efficiency boost, you can quickly post a vacancy online and you involve your managers even more in the process of selection and recruitment.

Automatic placement

By creating a vacancy with the help of the recruitment and selection system you have the possibility to post this directly online through social channels. Think of job sites and LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Distributing your vacancy has never been easier.

Time saving through one-time entry of data

When you decide to hire a candidate, you only have to enter the data of the relevant candidate once with the recruitment and selection module. If the candidate has entered the site, the candidate has already entered his / her details. The HRM software will take over the data from the module and the candidate will be regarded as an employee. The data and history of returning candidates are also kept in the system. This way you can easily save time.

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