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HRM Software in The Cloud

More and more business software is becoming available as a solution in the cloud. How is that for HRM software, what are the possibilities and what advantages does HRM software offer in the cloud? On this page you'll become acquainted with the most important advantages of cloud solutions.

What is HRM in the cloud?

The 'cloud' is a term that you encounter more often in combination with more and more different types of business software and data storage. In fact, the cloud is nothing more than a modern term for various IT applications through the internet. Until a few years ago, you could only install business software on your own computer systems, within the walls of your company. The development of ever faster and more secure internet connections has made it possible in recent years to use more and more software as an online application through the internet. HRM software has also followed these developments. Almost all modern HRM packages are now available in an online version and offer new functionalities that have greatly increased the application possibilities of the software.

Benefits of HRM in the cloud

If you use the cloud to automate your HR processes, you don't manage the technology yourself, but you use a provider. It's therefore a counterpart to solutions that you manage in-house and for which you yourself have to set up and maintain the technical infrastructure. The most important advantages of HRM software in the cloud:

- Provided that an internet connection is available, users can access the HRM software anywhere, anytime. They can then log in online and use the HRM functionalities.

- HRM software in the cloud isn't only available through a laptops, but also through any other mobile device with an internet connection, such as tablets and smartphones.

- From the online environment, HR management has more and more tools available at all times. MSS (management self service) is becoming increasingly important.

- Employees can consult more and more information online and communicate better and better with the HR department through the application. ESS (employee self service) is playing an increasingly important role.

- Software in the cloud is charged per user.

- Cloud solutions are available at any time. You don't have to wait for a long implementation process.

- HRM solutions in the cloud offer you more flexibility. You can adjust the functionality faster to the desired functionality, the number of users, and so on.

- With cloud solutions you pay a fixed subscription amount. Large investments in one go can be omitted.

- The technical management of IT solutions becomes easier. You don't have to worry about installing and managing, for example, updates, security software and servers.

- There are even more advantages of HRM in the cloud and of course some disadvantages. You can read about it in the books about ESS, MSS and the application and selection of HRM software.

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