HRM Software and Competency Management


The (semi) annual assessments are compulsory for every manager. This intensive process in which they assess employees takes a lot of time for every manager and can be facilitated by means of competence management software. On this page you'll find information about the advantages of this competence management software.

Digital and current file

Competence management software collects all information in a fully digital and current file. Results of assessments, agreements on development, competencies and feedback can be consulted in this file. This way you and your employees know which things can be worked on and which goals there are.

Competency management software ensures efficiency and savings

Assessments often result in an intensive paper flow: Forms are filled in on the basis of a template, commented on, signed and included in the personnel file. In addition to the (semi) annual assessment, the development plan can also cost a lot of time and paper. When a customer is asked to give feedback on the performance of your employees or when employees are allowed to give feedback on each other, the assessment process becomes even more complicated.

The use of competence management software ensures that all paperwork is digitized, saving a lot of costs in this area. In addition, digitization ensures efficiency gains and acceleration of the process, saving a lot of time. Forms no longer remain around, but are immediately processed in the digital file, which means that the next step in the assessment process can start more quickly.

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