Electronic Personnel File With HRM Software


As part of HRM software, the electronic personnel file contains all documents that are related to the employment between employer and employee. Instead of physical, paper-based personnel files, the electronic personnel file contains all documents digitally. This offers major benefits.


In many cases, the electronic personnel file is part of e-HRM software. This means that the file can be consulted online at any time and anywhere for both employer and employee. Each gives his own rights. Parts that must be protected from the employee remain unreachable for him or her. From a sustainability perspective, the reduced use of paper is mentioned as an advantage. Because shipping of mail items decreases, internal costs and postage costs also decrease. Fixed patterns and templates ensure clear documents. You determine the structure of this yourself.

Content of personnel file

All documents are stored digitally, including e-mails, contracts, letters, reports, lease agreements and wage history. The digital wage slip is also part of the personnel file. In addition, agreements are made about working hours, arrangements regarding days off, bonuses, etc. The aim of the electronic personnel file is to bundle as much information as possible, so that it's digitally available for those involved at one central location. The digital personnel file thus optimally demonstrates the power and benefits of HRM software.

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