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e-HRM ESS and MSS Conditions

Can ESS and MSS be applied in every organization and therefore yours too? Are there circumstances or types of organizations where ESS and MSS are less obvious solutions? Specialists in the field of HRM software give you the answer.

The only condition is internet

The only condition is that the employee must have access to the internet through a secure connection, from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Security of personal data

At ESS and MSS, security of personal data is a point of attention. If an employee works in the UNIT4 cloud from home or through his smartphone, then security is guaranteed in terms of IT environment. But security also depends on how you organize your processes. Do you send the salary slip by e-mail to the employee or can an employee approach his salary slip by logging in to a secure environment?

ESS and MSS can be compared to a website

Nowadays hosting / installing websites is almost commonplace, in that area ESS / MSS isn't specific. In terms of security too, the normal requirements and wishes will apply so that the data can never fall into the wrong hands.

Support for the use of ESS and MSS

Application of Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service can only succeed if there is support for the use of ESS and MSS within the IT function. There should be a point of contact for users of these portals for help and support as well as reporting problems that users experience while using these links. Furthermore, it's important that there is sufficient freedom for creating links between different systems.

Support for the process flow

Depending on the available infrastructure, there are two options: in-house (on premise) or as an external service (SaaS). In both cases, a modern and secure IT environment is advised based on a standard ESS / MSS development environment. To make the application of ESS / MSS a success, the solution must support process flow in which an organization can support and involve any kind of stakeholder (s) as needed.

HR services aren't only suitable for large organizations, small and medium-sized organizations can also benefit from HR services, the scope of the HR services can be adjusted accordingly. Where a large organization will have more specialism, a smaller organization will be more generalistic. This means that involving stakeholders in a process shouldn't be linked to functions, but rather to the duties of an employee.

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