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e-HRM Application ESS and MSS

The e-HRM applications of ESS and MSS are versatile. Whether employee and management self-service are also meaningfully applicable for your organization, the HRM software specialists below give their vision on this.

ESS and MSS have no limitations

In our opinion, there is no restriction within the various industries for the use of self-services. If companies employ a large number of employees who don't have access to a fixed PC or laptop, it's possible to provide access to self services using a kiosk or mobile applications (for example, iPad and the like).

Decentralized working is good

ESS and MSS work best in organizations that work decentrally with a central HR department. The size, locations and languages ​​do not matter. It should also not be a problem to be able to work in different languages ​​within an organization.

Transparent HR policy is a condition

ESS and MSS are useful for organizations that want to implement their HR policy in a transparent and well-organized manner. Clarity in HR responsibilities between manager, HR department but also the employee is an important condition in this. But also from a practical point of view, organizations that have to deal with a paper flow of documents can organize, streamline and organize their HR administrative processes with Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.

ESS and MSS is suitable everywhere

Self Service applications are suitable for practically every medium and large organization, where employees are planned and / or registered on a daily basis.

Both non-profit and commercial

Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service have become an integral part of business management at many organizations, both in non-profit institutions and companies. This is due to the efficiency benefits that ESS and MSS offer, but certainly also the expectations of managers and employees. Research shows that 'modern' managers and employees want resources to be able to conduct HR processes online. HR professionals, managers and employees agree that ESS and MSS are essential to perform HR tasks.

Accessible for every employee

Employee Self Service and Manployee Self Service makes sense when HR responsibilities are moved to the line. Computer use and internet access must also be common. The solution must be so user-friendly and accessible for every type of employee. The relevant organization must have such tools at its disposal that can also support this.

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