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e-HRM and Manager Self Service

What is Manager Self Service

Manager Self Service (MSS) makes it possible for supervisors to have online access to data from the personnel administration of employees they manage. Various e-HRM software specialists, who are connected as knowledge partners, indicate below the applications and benefits of MSS.

Access for managers

Self-service manager offers managers / supervisors access to HR files from their department and the ability to consult, approve, manage or change them. For their personnel responsibilities, managers often need information from their employees at various times. Through MSS they can call it up at any time. In addition, managers are an integral part of HR processes (such as leave, appraisal and salary changes). Managers can directly fill in their role in these processes and, where necessary, view the status or other relevant data.

Adjusting employee data

In contrast to the definition that many others use, self-service manager isn't the approval of declarations and mutation requests and suchlike. Approving employee mutations is an integral part of ESS for us. For us, MSS is the initiation by an authorized person of the (more complex) processes that relate to an employee. Examples of this are: passing on an adjustment of the salary, a change in position, or the number of contract hours of an employee. Manager Self Service brings self-service to the next level within the organization.

Manager Self Service is a wrong name

Nowadays, the term self service manager is no longer entirely correct as it only reflects part of the stakeholder. Nowadays, other roles are also represented, such as case managers, personnel administration, salary administration and so on. Where previously the employee and manager were mainly active, it's now more about the right stakeholders being involved in a process or task. MSS enables managers (or other role representatives with regard to HR) to independently view, implement, request and approve all HR issues that are important for themselves and their employees.

Managers have total control

Management self-service often refers to the environment in which managers can view key figures and other information that relates to the department, organization or group to which they lead. In addition, Management Self Service offers the possibility to adjust the composition and configuration of the organization, department or group. Access to such environments is provided with the help of personal login details.

Manager Self Service benefits

Meet the benefits of self service manager, abbreviated as MSS, on this page. The listed benefits come from multiple HRM software specialists.

More involvement in the HR process

Management Self Service facilitates the allocation of responsibilities 'in line' with the (final) managers. MSS thus relieves the HR function of performing (part of) its administrative duties. In addition, Management Self Service, when applied correctly, increases the involvement of the manager in the HR process.

Never consult a file cabinet again

With Management Self Service, efficiency can be made in the organization. Managers have access to the data they need in their daily work and can access it at any time. Issues such as a digital personnel file can also be made transparent so that a manager never has to walk to a file cabinet in the HR department again.

Fewer administrative actions

The advantage of MSS is a more effective management organization, lower HR overhead costs, and an opportunity to increase the deployment of employees through better application of performance and competence management. It's crucial that MSS is designed in such a way that it improves efficiency rather than shifting the administrative burden. The key for this lies in flexible and user-friendly software.

Manager Self Service is more efficient

Managers are digitally involved in the HRM procedures that concern them. They feel taken seriously as a partner in the development of business processes. The fact that index and control figures about their departments are made available at the source and up to date, results in more efficient working without too many intermediaries and steps. A question that arises with a manager is answered by the system in a short time.

Quality improvement in administrative HR processes

MSS provides a manager with time savings and quality improvement in administrative HR processes. He gains more insight into common mutation processes. The organization contributes to modern employment practices and corporate social responsibility.

Not to interfere with peripheral matters

Faster, more accessible and managers can offer specific departmental data, so that managers don't have to interfere with peripheral matters. This allows the manager to run and supervise his department more efficiently.

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