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Compare ESS and MSS in e-HRM System

To make a good choice of an ESS and MSS solution, you want to be able to easily compare different systems for employee self-service and manager self-service. Various knowledge partners specialize in the field of HRM software tell you how you can best do that.

Important comparison criteria

The important comparison criteria for solutions are:

- Safety.
- Staying close to existing working methods in your own organization.
- Is supportive of result-oriented work and competence-oriented development.
- User convenience.
- Design and implementation process short and powerful.
- Delivering administrative savings.
- Availability of HR management information.

Functional and technical comparison

criteria There are two groups of selection criteria: functional and technical requirements. With functionality, it's necessary to look at which HR processes are supported and how flexible and cost-conscious the solution can be adapted to the wishes of an organization. Technical requirements should include access control, data security, integration options, online accessibility, etc.

Take flexibility into account

The most obvious comparison between different solutions is the comparison of standard functionality. For many organizations, however, processes can't be fully integrated into the standard, which means that the process of the organization must be adapted to the application. That's of course not handy, so flexibility is a factor to be reckoned with. Can the ESS and MSS functionality adapt and grow with your future wishes?

Connections of the administration software

From the employee's point of view, ease of use is the most important feature. For the administrative organization, the possibilities for direct links with other systems (scheduling systems, HRM applications and the like) are the most important. Finally, the way in which the ESS solution supports and optimizes the administrative processes of the organization (the workflow) is also very important. The application must be flexible and tailored to the organization and its processes. Finally, 'tracking & tracing' of the mutations is of great importance: how did a mutation come about and what is the status of a mutation?

Compare on user-friendliness

The most important aspect when implementing an ESS and MSS solution is support. Employees and managers who are going to work with the software must see the benefits of this. The evidence of such benefits and the ease with which end users can work with the application are therefore the main aspects on which different solutions can be compared. Think of a question such as: how easily can I declare a parking ticket? And for managers: how do I get my absence figures visible with a single click of the mouse? An intuitive system supports this and will therefore create the greatest support among employees.

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