Assessment System as Part of HRM Software


An assessment system is an important functionality of HRM software. It provides insight into individual and organizational performance and objectives. On this page you'll find information about an assessment system as part of HRM software and the benefits that an assessment system has.

Digital and current file

An assessment system has the important advantage that all information is collected in a fully digital and current file. Results of assessments, agreements on development, competencies and feedback can all be found in this file. This way you and your employees know which things can be worked on and what is expected.

An assessment system saves time

A digital assessment system as part of HRM software saves you a lot of time. So you no longer have to dig through paper files in preparation for a performance appraisal interview and you have formulated a vacancy in no time based on the job profiles you have drawn up. That way you have time for other things.

Flexibility in visualization and labeling assessment

workflow An assessment system makes it possible to visualize the workflow of an assessment. You can organize this process yourself according to your own needs. This way you can collect digital signatures and have notifications and reminders sent. You can also use the terminology that you're used to in the assessment system.

Up-to-date insight into knowledge, competencies, skills and development

With an assessment system you're able to consult up-to-date information about the knowledge, competences, skills and development of your employees. This way you can easily choose the right employees for work or project groups and you can see which employee has the most potential for certain functions.

Use assessment profiles with an assessment system

An assessment system often has the option of using assessment profiles. Assessment profiles per position make it possible to easily assess employees. On the basis of competencies, a profile can be compiled per function and corresponding standard scores can be indicated. You can assess the performance of employees on the basis of this assessment profile.

If discrepancies are visible in the assessment of an employee and the assessment profile with the desired scores, you can easily record development agreements in the assessment. This way the agreements made are clear.

360 degree feedback

The use of 360 ° feedback makes it possible for an employee to be assessed by managers, colleagues and the employee himself. In this way you get a complete picture of the competencies and performance of the employee and differences and similarities can easily be compared.

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