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Absence Management With HRM Software

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Absence management is an important standard functionality of almost all HRM software. With this the system keeps track of the absence of employees, including the time and duration of the absence. In addition, the system indicates which measures are necessary as a result of the absence, such as the scheduling of replacement staff or contacts with the UWV.

Default protocol

If your organization has a specific absence protocol, you record this accurately and in detail within the HRM software. The absence protocol consists of statutory tasks, such as obligations arising from the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (WVP) and tasks that your company chooses, such as sending a ticket to a sick employee. In the event of a sick report, the HRM software starts these tasks automatically. The software knows which actions are required, prepares them, informs relevant colleagues and makes an action list. As a result, both the company doctor and the employees of the Personnel and Organization (HR) department know exactly what they have to do.

HRM software component

If absence management is part of your HRM software, the system will monitor whether all actions are being carried out in accordance with the absence protocol. This makes it easier for you to meet the requirements of the UWV in the field of sick leave. The system prepares the reports that you must send to the UWV and your Occupational Health and Safety Service automatically. Paper forms are therefore almost no longer necessary. Moreover, you prevent fines and you can make better use of the UWV subsidy schemes.

Reduce sick leave

If absence management is part of your HRM software, you'll always have good insight into the absence due to illness per period, department or employee. With this information you can take timely measures to compensate for sick leave. In addition, the information that the system provides you with insight will help you reduce sick leave. Absence reports are prepared fully automatically. You no longer have to provide these yourself (manually), thanks to the HRM software you know which measures you need to take and you see the effects of that faster.

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