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How to Write an Effective Job Description

If you're the responsible employee for posting your company jobs, positioning yourself as an employer of choice is more important than ever. This process includes making a good first impression by writing interesting job postings that will attract the most qualified candidates.

Start by writing a clear job description

To prepare an effective job posting, you must first write a clear job description. A full job description contains the job title or responsibilities and the following information:

Expected Outcomes - What is expected of the incumbent, or the tasks he / she must perform work processes - how the work must be done and with whom the employee has to work equipment or tools to use the work environment requirements for the employee - The skills, knowledge, abilities and other skills that the incumbent needs to possess

Job descriptions have several functions

Job descriptions are very useful tools within your company. For positions with multiple levels, they indicate the logical progression in a given job (possible career path within the company). They are also used to assess the value of the job (for purposes of determining the position's salary scale), and to describe the hazards or risks inherent in the job.

Job descriptions are also used to:

- evaluate the organization or workflow
- announce the positions to be filled
- assess the ability of applicants for the position
- determine the training objectives and the content of the training
- evaluate the performance of the incumbent

Writing a job description

To write a job description, you can use observation, interview the incumbent or key employees of the company, and use questionnaires (if you can not interview them).

Take many notes and write a draft version of the job description. Re-read it several times, revise it and try to reduce it to a maximum of three pages. Most job descriptions have one or two pages. Have the job description read to the existing person (if any) and key employees of the company. Ask them if they think this description is accurate and modify it accordingly.

Five elements to indicate in a job posting

Once you feel that the job description is complete and accurate, you can use it as inspiration for writing the job posting.

An effective job posting includes five parts:

1. Position title

Enter the job title in bold. Make sure it's understood by everyone in your industry and avoid using a job title that's unique to your business.

2. Description of the company

Write a short introductory paragraph at the beginning of the announcement that indicates why your company is a good employer. You can state the values, mission and vision of your company. If it has received a prize recently, mention it. If it's deemed to be an employer of choice, indicate it. Brag about your business!

3. Summary of role and expectations

Describe the responsibilities of the role. Summarize the main parts of the job description: the most important tasks that must be accomplished successfully.

4. List of main skills required

Before writing this section, ask yourself and ask key employees in your company who would be the ideal candidate. Determine that person's credentials and qualifications, compare them to the job description you wrote and indicate them in order of priority in the job posting. You'll not be able to enumerate them entirely for lack of space. Indicate the most important ones.

5. How to apply

Indicate clearly in the job posting how candidates can apply. Specify which documents they must provide (resumes, references or other relevant documents) and if you want them to apply in person, by email or through a particular web portal. If you don't want to receive calls from potential applicants, indicate this clearly in the announcement. Provide a limited date and time for sending applications.

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