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You have found a new job and want to work for your new employer. Or maybe you don't have a new employer yet, but you're so tired of your current boss that you are prepared to take the risk of unemployment. Anyway: the time has come to resign. Although you may have left long ago in your mind, there are still some formal steps to take to terminate an employment contract.

Notice period

Before you formally cancel your job, you must be familiar with the legal or contractual notice period of your current employment contract. This is probably recorded in your employment contract.

If there is no cancellation period in your contract, then the legal period of one month applies. If you do not have a written employment contract but have worked for this employer for at least twenty hours a month during the past three months, the notice period is one month. If the employer does not agree, it's up to the company to prove that there was no employment contract. As an employee you are therefore quite strong.

If you would like to stop working earlier or immediately, you can ask your employer for permission. Make sure you record this shortened period in writing.

Writing your resignation request letter

When writing your letter of resignation, note the following:

  • Clear mention of your name and position
  • Clear indication of duration of cancellation period
  • Clear notice that you are terminating the contract on [date]
  • Only mention positive things, omit negative things
  • Keep your letter short and professional
  • Sign your letter


First name Surname
Street and house number
Postal code and Residence

Company name
Street and house number
Postal code and Residence

Place, January 1, 2014

Dear Mrs van Leeuwen,

Through this letter I inform you that I want to terminate my employment contract with [company name]. The reason for this is [reason (optional)]. With due observance of the contractual notice period of two months, this means that I will retire from [date].

Since I still have 12 vacation days, I would like to take this at the end of the cancellation period. If you approve this, it would mean that [day and date] is my last working day.

I would like to thank you very much for the pleasant and educational time I had at [company]. It's partly thanks to you that I can now take this step higher.



Application doctor

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