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How to Recognize Entrepreneurial Employees

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Enterprising employees possess valuable qualities. For example, these employees have a lot of self-discipline and are more willing to take risks. What other features can you recognize them from? Some employees behave as entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurial employees are also referred to as intrapreneurs . The difference with regular entrepreneurs is that they work within a company. Often they don't yet have plans to start their own business, but they can do so over time.

Features of entrepreneurial employees


Entrepreneurial employees do their work with passion. For example, they are passionate about your company and the products and services that you offer. Although a suitable reward also plays a role in this, this passion comes primarily from within. This motivates them to continue to perform well under all circumstances.


Intrapreneurs have no problem with self-discipline. That means that no one always has to tell them what to do. They independently undertake the work that is necessary. In doing so, they take into account the goals of your company and take responsibility for what they do or don't do.


An enterprising employee rarely crosses arms. He has an important characteristic that you encounter with many entrepreneurs. This feature, proactivity, ensures that he thinks ahead and comes up with initiatives himself. Because of this, he is able to put a stamp on the course of your company.


Every company faces unique challenges. Think of falling sales or increasing competition. Creativity is needed to meet these challenges. Intrapreneurs use their innovative capacity. For example, they come up with innovative products and services or make meaningful improvements.

Risk appetite

After all, an entrepreneur must be prepared to take risks. While some people prefer to stay within their comfort zone , intrapreneurs don't turn their hand around this. After all, they know that entrepreneurship is accompanied by uncertain outcomes. At the same time they are able to learn from mistakes .

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