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How to Make The Right Resume

A good resume must be clear, well presented, well-structured and has the right content. It must facilitate the work of the employer and make it possible to read from the outset the most significant information of your career. This is the only portrait the employer has of you, heal it!


- More than a title, integrate a hook to start your resume : It's very interesting for the employer, because not only it highlights your career plan, but it clearly indicates the asset that you highlight or expertise key to your profile.
- Detail your experience : This is the heart of your resume, which lists your skills, your know-how, your strengths, registered in time and in professional environments. Choose to go to basics: highlight what the recruiter is looking for first. Only communicate about what will help you get an interview.
- Emphasize your specific skills and knowledge : This usually involves mastering tools or methods that are particularly useful for the job (computer software, languages, etc.).
- Talk about your extra-professional activities : Don't underestimate this last part (sports, interests, volunteer activities...) This section adds value to your resume: for example a hobby in which you develop qualities or knowledge that's useful for your purpose.


- When reading your resume, the employer must understand what you want to do, what you propose. To present your resume, choose the layout that best suits what you want to showcase.If you have little experience in value, don't hesitate to include a text box specifying your project, your motivations or a paragraph on your skills and qualities.
- Think about the URL link to redirect to your blog, a publication, the site of your current company...
- For format; always convert your resume to PDF before sending it. This allows more readability and you're sure that your interlocutor can open your document.

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