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The best way to write a cover letter to accompany your resume is to write the first thing you have in mind and then make the improvements. Let's see the process with an example.

Example for how to improve your cover letter

Cover letter for a Marketing Professional applying to a Marketing Manager job.

a) First draft cover letter to apply for employment:

My name is Lory Johnson, Business Administrator with a specialization in Marketing and five years of experience in the automotive sector. I have read your job offer for Marketing Management and I'm very interested in applying in your selection process. My abilities and skills guarantee me to be a good candidate. I'm attaching my resume and I'm awaiting your contact to begin the process, if you consider it.

b) Second draft of the cover letter to apply for employment:

Marketing is a specialty where experience and knowledge, sensitivity to customers and a strategic mind are integrated to guide the company's resources and human talent. My credentials and results in the most important companies in the automotive sector, the segment in which you are, and my motivation for being part of a Group as important as the one you lead, make me present and submit my resume, the which is attached, to apply to the Marketing Management.

c) Third draft cover letter to apply for employment:

Since my entry into the academic and labor world, specifically in Market Management and Positioning, I have closely followed the trajectory of your Company. In the academic field, with the discussion of the strategies that led them to be leaders in the National and International Market, and later as Marketing Director of one of its most important competitors, I have been able to successfully face some of its most effective commercial actions. It would be an immense pleasure for me to continue developing my professional career in the Marketing Management of your Business, for which I attach my resume, sure that I will fulfill the profile you're looking for.

We presented three types of writing the same cover letter. You will surely find some differences between one and the other. You will like some more, you'll consider that they have more impact, that they are out of the ordinary and can make a difference.

Remember that the important thing about a cover letter is that you stand out from hundreds and thousands of prospects who are applying for the same position. Of course, you stand out for your affinity with what they are looking for, because you demonstrate at first glance that you're qualified for the position and an interesting professional who deserves the opportunity to continue with the selection process.

We invite you to write your cover letter, since you don't stay with the first writing, because there will always be a better way to say the same. With impact and force.

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