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There is a type of marketing whose objectives are a priority for any company . We talk about employer branding: find the best candidates to join our team and convince them to want to work with us.

What are the best ways to attract talent and find the best candidates? We give you 5 practical tips .

The importance of employer branding

Many companies have not yet become aware of the importance of retaining talent , and will therefore become obsolete within 5 years. Can we get to find ourselves in the situation of not receiving resumes? Yes. Every company has an employer branding ; The company that optimizes its reputation as an employer receives resumes, and the company that doesn't is outdated and dies out. Therefore, employer branding is a priority in any human resources department.

Tip 1: direct your job offer to your ideal candidate

When publishing a job offer we can sin direct it to anyone who wants to work. Our offer, to find the perfect candidate (a talent with potential), must be written with that person in mind . Use a direct tone and avoid speaking in the third person ("the employee must ..."). Speak bluntly; it demands the specific requirements that you need, and advances the candidate what it will mean to work for you. Do not be afraid to enter a specific lexicon; The perfect candidate will understand everything you propose.

Tip 2: use keywords

The SEO also accompanies the job. Round your job vacancies using specific keywords that describe exactly what you're looking for, so you will attract only the best candidates : those who are looking for you. Remember that the most optimal searches on the Internet are those of a specific nature , and we are looking for hyper-specialized talents .

Tip 3: optimize broadcast channels

In the same way that a product is focused on a target audience , a job offer is focused on a target ; that is, filter your broadcast channels . Not all platforms are worth , nor all social networks are optimal for sharing all kinds of content. At this point, basic knowledge of community manager is required , in the same way that we don't use the same tone when publishing on Twitter and Facebook, publishing an offer on a network and another will give different results. Tips:

Post to the channels that you know work for you . Employment websites, apps, social networks, your own website ... consider it and choose.

Make the vacancy known, first of all, to your workers and partners . Paying an employee who recommends you to a professional for the available vacancy is a good way to ensure you trustworthy and knowledgeable candidates.

Make the vacancy known to your fans and followers . Publish the offer on your website, your Facebook page and your networks. On Facebook it would be interesting to have a permanent tab dedicated to it.

Tip 4: forget long forms and resumes by mail

No ideal candidate will want to encounter obstacles when sending the resume. Remove all possible obstacles : forms too long, send the resume to an email, etc. It's better to provide a simple and short form that closes the demand for employment in minutes .

Tip 5: Treat your candidates like your clients: your reputation depends on both

Remember this pillar of the employer branding: candidates and clients at the same level. Answer your emails or messages, be cordial and never ignore them . A company that doesn't answer the candidacies forges a bad reputation in a matter of days, thanks to word of mouth on the Internet .

On the other hand, publicly demonstrate that you value candidates and even more your employees. Share content (photos, video) on the company's social networks in which you can appreciate the good atmosphere in the company, and the dynamism and enthusiasm of the team. Propose fun team activities and share them in the company's networks ;Encourage your employees to share those moments also in their own social profiles . Following these tips, your company will have a reputation as a good employer and will receive, finally, only quality applications from the best candidates .

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